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Asked Questions

Are pets allowed in the festival?
Yes. They MUST stay on leash and we ask you to pick up after them.

What is the entry fee?
$10 for anyone over the age of 12. All children 12 and under are free.

What type of payment is accepted?
Cash is preferred at the entry gates and ticket stands, but cards are also accepted.

What are the festival dates and hours?
Friday, October 13th 6PM - 10PM; Cost: FREE ADMISSION
Saturday, October 14th 10AM – 10PM; Cost: $10 per person; Kids 12 and under FREE
Sunday, October 15th 12PM – 6PM; Cost: $10 per person; Kids 12 and under FREE

Where can we park to get into the festival?
The Merrell Center located at 6301 S Stadium Ln, Katy, TX 77494 will be running shuttles all day Saturday and Sunday until 30 minutes after the festival closes. There are three (3) entry gates around the festival and limited parking in the downtown area, so please plan to take the shuttle. Please ONLY park in designated parking spots surrounding the downtown area.

Where can I locate first aid or emergency assistance?
Please dial 911 for emergencies. For non-emergencies, the first aid station is located on the West side (Avenue C) of the Civic Center.


What if my child goes missing while at the festival?
Please contact the closest staff member in a yellow shirt and they will inform our emergency management staff.


Is there a lost and found?
Yes, please bring lost and found items to the volunteer station in the Civic Center (910 Avenue C). If you are looking for a lost item, please ask volunteer staff located at the Civic Center.


Where can I view the art contest artwork?
Art contest entries will be on display in the Visitor’s Center (5718 2nd St.) for the duration on the festival and displayed in City Hall (901 Avenue C) for the remainder of October.


Where can I view the rice cooking contest winners?
The Visitor’s Center (5718 2nd St.) will display the 2023 rice cooking contest winners and other historical artifacts from past festivals.


Where are the restrooms located?
There will be several portable restroom banks throughout the festival. Please refer to your festival brochure which can be picked up at any of the entry gates or scan the QR code located around the festival.


Where do volunteers check in?
Volunteers and staff will have access to check-in at the Civic Center (910 Avenue C). 


What can volunteers expect?
Volunteers must complete the orientation sent via email. They must check-in AND check-out at the Civic Center. During check in, volunteers will pick-up their pinny shirt and return the pinny when checking out. It is important that ALL VOLUNTEERS CHECK OUT BEFORE LEAVING the festival. Volunteers will have access to water and restrooms during their assigned shift, but not outside of that time. Volunteers are encouraged to park at the Merrell Center and shuttle to the festival OR get dropped off. Please plan your timing accordingly.


Where can I sign-up to volunteer?


Where is Katy Rice Harvest Festival located?
In the Historic Town Square area surrounding City Hall. Use the address: 901 Avenue C, Katy, TX, 77493; OR address to parking is at the Merrell Center 6301 S Stadium Ln, Katy, TX 77494.


Where can I find a map of the festival?


Where can I buy drink tickets?
Any of the two tents marked as “Tickets” on the map.


Where can I buy carnival ride tickets?
CASH ONLY at the carnival ticket booths located on each side of the carnival.


How much do carnival tickets cost?
$1 per ticket | 20 tickets for $24 | $30 Wristbands

How much do drinks cost?

$2 per soda and water (1 ticket) and $5 per beer (1 ticket).


Where can I buy alcohol?
Two locations marked “beer trailer” and “beer garden.” 


Where is the closest ATM located?
All banks located within the festival will be closed, but the ATM machines will be open.

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